Monty Python 16 Best British Comedy TV Shows Of All Time

Everyone knows Monty Python, and everyone knows that they were incredible pioneers in the world of comedy. Their innovative humor left audiences in fits of laughter, the name Monty Python became synonymous with British comedy, and it ended up making an incalculable impact on the international stage. For anyone who is unaware of just how influential Monty Python is, their impact on comedy has been compared to The Beatles’ impact on music. So yeah, Britain may be that little country that’s always clouded with rain, but it’s also responsible for just about everything you love.

The series Monty Python’s Flying Circus was the original comedy showcase for the Monty Pythongroup’s uncompromising and hilarious sketches. Their huge success led the group to go on to make a handful of films together and become ambassadors for British comedy throughout the 1970s. The show launched several hugely successful comedy careers. The stars all managed to diversify afterward and prove themselves to be rounded comedians. Let’s not forget Monty Python’s longevity, as the group reunited in 2014 for a hugely successful live tour, and audiences from around the world came to show appreciation for the minds that shaped a worldwide obsession with comedy. If you’ve never watched Monty Python’s Flying Circus, you’re truly missing out on some classic and game-changing comedy– and it may just be life-changing as well.

The show’s crude and comical take on adolescence struck a chord with audiences, but an American reboot inevitably failed. The Inbetweeners found massive success in two feature films that ended up breaking box office records and keeping Will, Simon, Jay, and Neil around much longer than anyone would have guessed.

This being a British comedy, everything goes horribly wrong all the time in the most cringeworthy and controversial way.

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